Saturday, December 13, 2014

Ethan's 3 months...

Holy smokes. Is it just me or has time flown by? Ethan is 3 months old now. Starting to smile more and cry less. Yes I know in my last post I said he didn't cry. I did it to myself I guess, but ya he was sure whiney. He's starting to chunk up which I love. I'm staying about the same. I gave away my maternity clothes and then had to ask for them back because none of my clothes fit. Some days I'm gung ho about losing weight and some days I just want to eat a freaking cupcake. I need to give myself more time and credit. I was retarded and signed up for weight watchers when he was a week old. I realized I need more time than that for sure. I cancelled it when he was 8 weeks. I am going to wait until he's sleeping through the night before I try anything too crazy. People ask how it is with 4...I don't think it's 4 that's the hard number, I think I forgot just how demanding a baby is. I am breastfeeding every 3 hours for like 30-40 min. It wears you out. And then there's people that say if you have 3 kids you can have 100. I'm going to call BS on that one. Every pregnancy and kid has been harder than the last because you have more kids to take care of! So I don't believe that to be true. I do love being a mother and I am so thankful to have these awesome kids. I am also thankful to be done! :) I mailed out announcements so we are not doing Christmas cards this year. Hope everyone is doing well and has a Merry Christmas! Seriously, isn't he cute though?!

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